Traceability and Food Safety
The agri-food chain is our company’s main area of responsibility. As such, the Medio Piave Group is committed to verifying the traceability and safety of our raw materials and the processes involved. This guarantees quality products for the end customer.

Therefore all phases of the production chain are controlled, i.e. the processing, preparation, transportation and storage of the products. This means we can return to any of the previous phases and identify the exact product and the various processes it has undergone, thereby ensuring the transparency and reliability of these processes.

Certified chains
All the companies that are part of the Medio Piave Group carefully and continuously monitor the entire production chain to verify the transparency of the process, from farmers to storage facilities, from feed mills to food industries. In fact, the Group guarantees the traceability of the chain, certifying the quality of all production phases for our products.

At the same time as our commitment to safety and the traceability of the agri-food chain, the Medio Piave Group also guarantees the environmental sustainability of all production phases, using resources in a practical and responsible way for the environment, while controlling and reducing the production of gas.

Sustainability Certification
The Medio Piave Group’s commitment to sustainability is guaranteed by our 2BSvs certification (biomass biofuel, sustainable voluntary scheme), which certifies the Group’s focus on respecting environmental balances and reducing CO2 emissions throughout the production cycle.

Energy production from renewable sources
In recent years, the company has considerably reduced all the gas emissions and improved the energy efficiency of our production plants by investing major resources into the creation of biomass cogeneration plants. This guarantees our energy self-sufficiency and at the same time ensures the highest safety and environmental standards.

The quality of the products and raw materials processed and worked by the Medio Piave Group is confirmed by our product and plant certifications, which include:

ISO 9001

Issued by the CSQA, this quality system guarantees the control of production processes linked to the extraction and refinement of seed oils and to the production of meal used for livestock and food.

Sustainability Certification

2BSvs (Biomass Biofuels voluntary scheme) is a certification scheme for the sustainability of biofuels. It was founded as a tool to maintain the sustainability of bioliquids and biofuels throughout the entire production chain (from the farmer to the biofuel producer and the trader).

Good Manifacturing Practices

The acronym GMP+ stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices”. The GMP certification guarantees all requirements for the production of animal feed, including its storage, transportation, staff, procedures, documentation, etc.


The HACCP manual is the official confirmation of compliance with the Italian and European food hygiene laws. Therefore the HACCP system, first and foremost, provides careful assessment of the risks (whether chemical, biological or physical) that could potentially compromise food safety.



The raw materials and end products sold by Medio Piave Marghera for human consumption have all been Kosher certified. All our ingredients have been carefully selected to guarantee the complete absence of any risks of cross-contamination.


Friend of the earth

The Medio Piave Group and Friends of the Earth, the most widespread environmental network in the world, aim to safeguard policies and practices that focus on sustainable development and respect for the region and the environment.